CRUCIFIX was one of nearly four dozen Northern California and Nevada bands featured on the Faulty Products distributed Alternative Tentacles LP, NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. They were from Berkeley, California. The band was "Matt" (Bass), "Sothira" (Vocals), "Chris" (Drums) and "Jimmy" (Guitar). Of all the artists featured on NOT SO QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, CRUCIFIX are among the few to have actually released other material. Specifically, they released the debut LP CRUCIFIX then the Single "1984" and 2 LPs DEHUMANIZATION and EXHIBIT ACRUCIFIX are also featured on Go! Records "RAT MUSIC FOR RAT PEOPLE" Vol 1. with The Avengers, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Flipper, T.S.O.L. The Dils, Bad Brains, D.O.A. and Dead Kennedys. This release introduced the Classic & Melodic track "STEEL CASE ENCLOSURE"
CRUCIFIX songs have been covered by bands such as A PERFECT CIRCLE, ORBITAL, SEPULTURA & countless punk/hardcore bands. CRUCIFIX has been an influence to many bands and artist including SEPULTURA, ROY MAYORGA of NAUSEA, SOUL FLY, MICHAEL AMOTT of CARCASS, ARCH ENEMY and many more. CRUCIFIX called it quits in 1984. Sothira then formed PROUDFLESH and Recorded & Toured with Jimmy Crucifix on Guitar. In 2014 - 2015 Sothira & Jaycee put a tribute band together called 1984 and toured Japan playing songs off the Dehumanization Album. Jimmy Crucifix is now known by the name Jaycee Frances and uses the pronouns She/Her.


There are No Official Crucifix Links but there are Facebook Pages moderated by Sothira & Jaycee on facebook & Instagram

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