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2021 - 2022

2021 - December 2021 Jaycee started HRT and applied for Transgender Health Care through UCSF and has scheduled all her procedures for feminization. November 2022 Jaycee had one very important Feminization procedure and has more scheduled for 2023. She is a much happier person now and is no longer living in the SF Bay Area.


2021 - J. Crucifix Comes out of the closet. On the weekend of October 14th - 16th J. Crucifix (Jimmy) JC Came to terms with (HERSELF) and (SHE) came out to the world on Social media that SHE was a Transgender woman and was now living the remainder of HER life as a woman. Jaycee legally changed HER Gender marker and HER name to a new spelling of HER birth name. She was: Francis J. Schmith and is now Frances Jaycee Schmith and uses the name "Jaycee Frances" The Jaycee was from JC short for Jimmy Crucifix that Carole Lennon named her many years ago and often called her Jayce or JC.


2021 - July of 2021 JC lost his childhood friend Larry Carter who was a musician and played drums in a band called Romeo Void and also played with JC in Pretty Killer with Ben Wong on Bass in 1975 -76 and 2 other projects. The Toys in 1976 - 77 with Kevin Carlson (Aldo Nova, Eric Martin Band) and Bombshell in 1983-84 with David Sykes on bass (Aldo Nova, Boston) and Bejamin Bossi on Sax (Romeo Void) Larrys death had significant impact on JCs life and after a short battle with depression and mental meltdown JC Mad some major changes in his life.


June 2019 & 2020

2020 - PROUDFLESH calls it quits. Sothira decided to end the band Proudflesh after being together since 1985. Sothira, J. Crucifix and Eric Davis all went there seperate ways and only get together now and then to BBQ and Hang out but no more band.

2020 - Covid 19 hit the USA forcing JC and Carole Lennon to close down Lennon Studios Hourly Studio in San Francisco after 37 years of taking care of the local musicians and touring bands. 2020 - JC and Carole lost there beloved Pet Jane Jane on March 11th 2020 she was 13 years old and alway with JC and CL with her sister Tootsie at the studio.


2019 - J. Crucifix and Carole Lennons Dog Tootsie passed away on April 3rd 2019. she was 14 years old and was always with JC at Lennon Studios in San Francisco. Carole Lennons Mum passed away that year also. She was at the studio for all the events and everyone loved her. In June 2019 J. Crucifix addopted a new 10 week old Puppy and named Astra Blue from Rocket Dog Rescue and re named her "Hanna" Named after a good friend who had passed away. Hanna Kennemore who was the wife of Phil Kennemore Bass player for Y&T.


PROUDFLESH will be playing a show at Brick & Morter with Mordred and The Ghost next Door on September 9th 2017. THE NEXT will be playing at Winters Tavern in Pacifica on August 2nd 2017 with The Cramp Ons and Dick & Jane. J.Crucifix will also be performing with Jennifer Blowerdryer July 30th for the Jeff Ecker Memorial at Lennon Studios in San Francisco.



June 2017 & 2018

2018 J, Crucifix is recovering from Colorectal Cancer. They removed the cancer and he is on the mend Thanks to UCSF Medical Center San Francisco.

2017 J. Crucifix is recovering from Barretts Esophagus surgery. They removed the cancer and he is on the mend. He went through 3 - 4 surgical procedures starting in February this year to remove the damaged tissue. friends have set up a go fund me page to help pay the medical expenses and you can go to the link below.

(Jimmys Go Fund Me) 


Proudflesh show at the Knockout was the last Proudflesh performance for a fallen friend Russel Robles who worked with Sothira and JC back in the Crucifix days. Sothira wants to call it quits but after that show we were offered other gigs and now Proudflesh will play a few more shows. Rest in Peace Russell Robles we will miss you.


May 2017

J.Cs friend and also the drummer in their other project Blowdryer Punk Soul passed away in his home state of New York. Chelsea Rose from Jeff's former band Bite will be hosting a memorial show for Jeff Ecker at Lennon Studios in July. Jeff was loved by many world wide he was a kind soul and never complained about anything, he loved life and we will all miss him. Rest in Peace Jeff Ecker.

***News Archives***

 ***MUSIC NEWS 2013***
CRUCIFIX Dehumanization Anniversary Tribute Reunion 2014 - With 3 Original Crucifix Members: Sothira Pheng & Original guitarist JC. Crucifix also featuring CRUCIFIX Dehumanization touring guitarist Drew Bernstein and Introducing Eric Davis of PROUDFLESH.
 Show dates will be posted in 2014 and only 2 shows will be played.

Proudflesh have a new drummer Eric Davis who is also the
guitarist for Blown to Bits. band is playing out live now.
Eric Davis will be joining Jimmy & Sothira playing drums
for the Crucifix Tribute to Dehumanization shows.
This is the 30 year anniversary of Dehumanization

Jimmy's band The Next have been playing about and have
released a New CD MAd House. and Jimmy is
also playing in The Street Lyons with Former Chris Issak &
Dils drummer John Silvers.

Jimmy is recording with Gareth Holder (The Shapes) and
Mike Vanderhul (Y&T) at Moon Dog studios in Oakland.
Also members of Male Rouge are involved.

***Music News 2012***
Proudflesh have found a new drummer Jeffrey St.Pierre formery of
the bands Specimen & Maximillions Motorcycle club.
Proudflesh have some shows coming up with Antisect in 2012.
Proudflesh Loses drummer JSP here we go again!
Jimmy Crucifix is undergoing treatment for Liver Damage
Chemo therapy for 6 months and No Beer!
Carole Lennon of Lennon Studios had under gone treatment for a
brain tumor and is in recovery and doing good. Carole is the Owner of
Proudflesh' Rehearsal studio in S.F. and lives with Jimmy Crucifix.

***Music News 2011***
Jimmy's friend Phil Kennemore of the band Y&T passed away January 2011
of Cancer.
Jimmy Crucifix Quit Smoking January 12th after losing
2 friends to that awful Cancer. Rest in Peace Phil Kennemore.
Back to the NAMM show and Jimmy Crucifix Quits Smoking!
Also Proudflesh back on the hunt for a drummer again.....

***Music News 2010***
Jimmy Crucifix's  good friend and child hood pal Kevin Carlson who also
played guitar for Aldo Nova passed away December 2010 of cancer.

Eric Lannon is back in Proudflesh to finish recording the new album and
also to perform at a few live events coming up.
Looks like David Ferguson has released some CD presents
Crucifix recordings and other bands as well who are all upset over it.
Luke Bowman call's it quits after a Brawl broke out at Metro Opera House
in Oakland, Ca after a Proudflesh show.

***Music News 2009***
06/01/09 PROUDFLESH are going to start work on a New Album.
The Band is in Pre-Producion at the Moment and will Start Laying Down
the Basics this week. Many New Ideas and Songs are in the works. The Band
Will be Doing the Basics all Live to Capture the Raw Edge & Drive of a Live
Performance. They will Record in there Personal & Private Studio The Loft
Located in the Famous Lennon Studios Building in S.F. with Jeff Davis doing
 the Engineering. Jeff is a Local Hardcore Punk, Thrash & Metal Recording
Engineer that records most of the S.F. Bay Area Hardcore & Punk Bands.
New Drummer Nick Bits Broke his foot after his second rehearsal with PF.
Take care of your foot Nick!!! So Proudflesh once again is in search of......
NEWS FLASH! Luke Bowman is Back in the Saddle Again! Welcome Back.
After just a few Rehearsals Proudflesh did a test run Show in Portland Ore.
Luke is doing Great with Decaf and "Are you gonna finish that Burger"
The Black Bear Diner of No. Cal is the Official Proudflesh Restaurant!

We are Sad to Announce that Former Proudflesh Guitarist Brian Dingess has passed away at the age of 45. Brian played Guitar for Proudflesh in the late 80's and early 90's after Jimmy took a leave of absence to work on another project in Los Angeles. Brian joined forces with Sothira to bring Proudflesh live to the stage after the debut release of the Powerbroker EP.  Rest in Peace Brian!   Proudflesh.
***Other News***
Proudflesh would like to welcome new Drummer Nick Bits to the Band. Nick is the former drummer for Blown to Bits and is also currently playing in Sahn Maru. Former Proudflesh Skin Man Luke Bowman is taking a break from Proudflesh due to health issues.
****NAMM 2009****
Jimmy Crucifix attended the NAMM show this year at the Anaheim Convention Center. Here are a few Pics and some of the People Jimmy seen at the show this year.
Michael Amott
Michael Schenker
Leslie West
Vinnie Moore
Terry Marshall & Carole Lennon
Rev Jones
Kiyoshi & Sfarzo Strings
Tommy Thayer of KISS
Metal Sanaz
Terry & Craig
Uli Jon Roth

***News Archives***
***Music News 2008

09/08 - Luke Bowman (Rufians) is Playing drums for Proudflesh. Sothira & Luke are in the studio recording the basics for the upcoming Proudflesh release. Jimmy Crucifix will be laying the guitar tracks down on this release as well.

Did I mention Barbara Schenker has also Joined the Dean Family
with brotheres Michael & Rudolf.  Thanks Elliot @ Dean!
A Long time Friend of Sothira & Jimmy's Bob Noxious from the band "The Fuck-Ups" passed away at home on Christmas Eve. He is survived by his wife Rose and 2 children. He will be missed by many. Rest in Peace Bob. There will be a memorial for Bob at Lennon Studios in May.
  9/01/08 Jimmy Crucifix is recovering from a Double Hernia Surgery. Jimmys Dog Tootsie also had Surgery for a torn muscle in her knee. I guess the Road Trip to the Valley Where Jimmy Performed with Fang and took Tootsie to the Lake last August 31st was a bit to much for the two!! Both are fine and Recovering Well!
Gang of Four & Psycedelic Furs have been in Lennon Studios this month for shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Damned were in Lennon Studios as well getting ready for a Tour.!
Lennon Studios in San Francisco was featured in the SF Chronicle Jan 3, 2008. Here is the link to the full story.
  Lennon Studios News


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